A-Z Alphabet



This week’s inspiration was the alphabet game but with a new, and much harder, twist. Instead of having to find words that begin with each letter of the alphabet, I had to find actual objects that looked like letters but not actually letters themselves. However, while I was playing this ‘game,’ I came across some actual letters in the form of graffiti and just couldn’t help myself; I decided that graffiti counts. I am a huge fan of puzzles so while this project was frustrating at times I felt tremendous accomplishment from being able to complete it. The majority of my pictures were taken in Mission Beach, CA and I edited them in semi cool tones, which happens to be my favorite. Enjoy 🙂

Rule Breakers

(Individual Pictures from Video)

If These Wheels Could Talk – Slideshow

(Individual pictures from the slideshow)

This week I created a slideshow based on the documentary Waste Land. When I thought about the phrase ‘Renew, Reuse, Recycle,’ a specific object came to mind – the shopping cart. Other than gasoline pumps and door knobs, shopping carts are the next most touched/used things in our society. We use them over and over again until one day when they are recycled as lovely storage bins for the homeless. So here’s a dedication video to all the shopping carts. Thank you for always being there and for taking all of our crap. Literally.


This past weekend was amazing and full of photography opportunities so I did my best to capture them. My friend and I are both very much into photography and art so we decided to combine the two in Del Mar, California when we visited the old abandoned mansion on Via de La Valle. This mansion was the site of 39 suicides back in 1997. No one has owned it since and it has been empty for 16 years. Those who died were members of the Heaven’s Gate cult. Needless to say, it’s creepy. So in order to capture its true eerie vibe my friend and I got there at 630 am. My artistic side thought it would be cool to add the yellow balloons to the scene to really capture the contrast of dark and light; of innocent and sinister. After we left the mansion we needed some happier vibes so we left for La Jolla Cove where we saw seals and oceanic birds. The weather was beautiful and so was the entire day. I truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect/artsy/creative weekend.